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As you can tell, the thought of some poor guy being hung in effigy for trying to stay organized makes me shudder. For those of you who are not frightened away by this disgusting display of fembotulism, here is a link to the actual spreadsheet.

The world of dating after a 20 year hiatus

I do find it discouraging that Huffington Post and others found this story newsworthy. But there is a bright side to this story too. So that part of the story is very encouraging. It seems there are women who are just as annoyed by the over dramatic aspects of this as I am, and that is very encouraging.

Creepy Finance Guy’s Dating Spreadsheet

Here is bonus link about women who systematized Match. I can sympathize here! That being said, never let anything like this get out. I wrote a post about keeping a dating spreadsheet last spring. After I laughed I became frightened. How many women have I dated that are trading notes like Delicious and Kira did? One of the things the Internet 2. This is one example.

Dating By Spreadsheet: How I Used Project Management And Business Skills To Fix My Love Life

When the average man on a dating sites gets one response for every 25 messages he sends, it is no wonder. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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Spreadsheet Dating - How to Rank and Keep Track of Your Online Dates

I guess that makes me a horrendous monster too. Why a Spreadsheet I have previously written that when dating, until you find a trustworthy match fully committed to an exclusive relationship, that it is important to keep living your life and dating other people. The Bright Side I do find it discouraging that Huffington Post and others found this story newsworthy.

Here are links to the story: That guy Dave messed up letting it get out…but I suspect he was played. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

Why I use a dating spreadsheet

Just Four Guys The world of dating after a 20 year hiatus. Cedars Eleven Links, clips, and current comments about things personal, political, and cultural. Tarnished Sophia Explorations in gender relations, religious assumptions, societal expectations and daily life from an androgynous viewpoint. Atlas 'Clubbed Objectively Dubious. After a while, the whole experience begins to feel decidedly grim. If I managed to go on just one date per week, it would take me ages to actually find a serious girlfriend.

The ULTIMATE Online Personal Training Template!

So, to better those chances, I go on as many dates as my schedule will allow. In order to do so, I need to send out lots of emails and keep track of myriad logistical details. This is where the spreadsheet comes in: It is a way to impose order on chaos, much as it is in other aspects of my life. Like Merkur, I am simply trying to keep track of the women I am dating or trying to date. There is nothing inherently creepy or misogynistic about using a tool to help remember what you did or didn't like about another person. The spreadsheet also allows me to analyze my own cognitive biases, so that I don't waste my own time or that of a potential date.

For example, when I first started dating online, I focused on women five years younger than myself, but after looking through my spreadsheet, I realized that I actually had better dates with women closer to my age. The spreadsheet also allowed me to track which dating sites were most productive. JDate, for example, which targets Jewish singles, has a much higher response rate for me than the more hipsterish OkCupid.

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  5. But perhaps the larger point here is that the spreadsheet is a way to regain a sense of control over an experience that makes me feel powerless. One of my early mentors told me that you cannot manage that which you cannot measure. By measuring my dating life, I hope to manage it. It is a way for me to break down a daunting problem finding a partner into a series of manageable steps set up a date, remember a birthday, recall her favorite book, etc. The unfortunate by-product of this approach is the commoditization of human interaction.