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The Sagittarius doesn't like staying in one place for too long, whether mentally or physically. He has an intensely restless energy that makes him strive for new adventures. Dating him can, therefore, bring you lots of excitement and the expanding of new horizons. He'll want a partner who can run off into the sunset and jump off mountains with him when he gets bitten by the adventure bug. Why is he like this? It's down to him being a mutable sign, according to My Domaine , which means that he thrives on changing his routine every now and then FYI other mutable signs are Virgo, Pisces, and Gemini.

Although he might see your relationship as an exciting adventure, the Sagittarius man battles with commitment.

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As Astrolutely reports, he's terrified of commitment because he's a free spirit and fears being trapped in a boring marriage. Sagittarius is eternally young, the site goes on to explain, and he's always searching for the next big thing and adventure. He doesn't take easily to things like responsibility. That doesn't mean he'll never commit, though. When the Sag guy decides to settle down, he's a generous and loving soul who'll give you his whole heart--and that's something worth working for. The Capricorn is the epitome of practicality and stability. When he gets into a relationship, he'll be a nurturing partner.

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  7. As reported by Tarot , the Capricorn is a caring provider and protector of those he loves. Known as the Sea Goat, Capricorn is a determined and steadfast soul. When he sets his sight on something, such as having a happy relationship, he'll work hard at making it work. You'll love how he's very stable as a boyfriend.

    If he says he'll be there, you can rely on him, and isn't that what we all want in a boyfriend? Capricorn is a successful sign and hard work is important to him.

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    While this is good because it shows that he's always striving to better himself and provide a stable life for his family, there's a downside to it. He can be so obsessed with being successful that he can end up neglecting his relationship. You might discover, for instance, that instead of spending quality time together on the weekend, your Capricorn boyfriend has to work--yet again.

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    Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is extremely disciplined, but it can help him to go with the flow and be a bit more spontaneous at times. While Gemini is great at communicating, he's got some competition from the Aquarius guy.

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    You'll never have a dull moment over dinner with him. Aquarius is sociable and fun to be around, and he loves having stimulating conversations. As an Air sign, Aquarius is all about intellect and he'll love to be playful with words and his humor will leave you in stitches. Air signs see the world in interesting ways, and they also have a balanced view which enables them to see all sides of an equation, Astrology reports.

    If you're also a lover of intellectual stimulation, then your relationship with Aquarius will be a match made in heaven, a real meeting of the minds. While he's intelligent and a dazzling conversationalist, the Aquarius guy might allow those facts to go to his head. When he shares something he's read or learned with you, you might feel like he becomes a bit of a "mansplainer" or makes you feel that he's a tad inflexible about his views.

    This can also occur during a fight, for example. Sometimes the Aquarius guy can be stubborn and will do just about anything to prove his point if he thinks he's right, as reported by The Astrologer. This can be super frustrating and become a real challenge in the relationship. He's not a fan of drama and he's unlikely to be a judgmental person.

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    Instead, as a Water sign, he's emotional and nurturing. He wants to love those that are important to him and he's a sign that's associated with making sacrifices for others. Best of all, they won't hold any resentment about it. It's just their nature. The Pisces guy gives a lot of himself to others, and this comes at a price.

    He can be highly sensitive. Of course, this isn't a bad thing. It's good to be with a partner who's open about his feelings and empathetic to yours. The problem is when the Pisces guy feels so much that he can't cope with it. This is not fun to deal with in a relationship.

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    As Refinery29 reports, Pisces is known to isolate himself to escape confrontational or intense situations. But, the site continues, it's not likely that he'll stay away for long. Re dating a likable and more on information he's learned about your guy is integral to the man child. Grown manman vspersonal developmentreal mengirly stuffmental healthdatingsignsarticles.

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