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It just won't find a game for me and my crew. Muse, you ruined this great game. Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments.

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Keyvias View Profile View Posts. Hey Bozz, Sorry to hear you had this issue, we'll definitely investigate and see what we can do to fix it. Can I have some information to try and figure out where the system broke down? Were you marked as novice? Did you have an certain servers selected?

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What class were you signed up as? Thanks for letting us know!

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The old lobby browser was way better. Now I have to wait for ages to find a suitable game. It did not say that I was a novice and I had not selected any certain servers.

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I was steerer and had a full 4-person crew. Originally posted by Da Bozz:.

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Last edited by CeresBane ; 4 Dec, 5: The matchmaking system has only made it more difficult to enjoy this game. And then everyone gets stuck waiting in crew form EVEN longer than we had to wait in lobbies before. I know this matchmaking system was supposed to increase player retention but that seems to have failed too.

What people actually want is gameplay content. Of which we haven't had anything new for over a year. You people refuse to fix bugs that affect gameplay. Are we just supposed to accept that ships fade from existance when a dust storm comes around?

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Do you have any intention of making this game polished? Or are you just going to keep working on adventure mode and the ps4 version while your "finished" game is dying off? I could write so so so much more on why this matchmaking system doesn't work for this game. Veteran matches are directed by a separate matchmaking system for veteran players alone, that can be accessed from the main-menu. Accessing the veteran match maker is only possible when a certain threshold of players with veteran status reached rank 30 or more with any class are currently in-game.

When this threshold is met, a button for accessing the veteran matches will appear in the main-menu for veterans. Other than playing Veteran mode for the added challenge of higher-skilled opponents, Veteran mode offers a wide range of achievements to achieve - complete with redeemable rewards, namely including titles. Sign In Don't have an account? Accessibility Edit The Veteran match join button as seen in the main-menu.